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Do You Answer Yes To Any Of These Questions?

  • Do you want to get good grades in less time so you can focus on ACTUALLY enjoying college life and making memories?
  • Do you want to learn the best mindsets, methods, and tools for leveling up your notetaking and studying?
  • Do you feel there is an overwhelming amount of information, and you don't know how to organize it all?
  • Do you start a new semester with no recollection of what you learned in the last?
  • Do you want to learn better, remember more, and become more creative?
  • Do you struggle to find enjoyment in school learning?

    John Mavrick and Aidan Helfant, creators of Obsidian University, experienced all these issues until they discovered their secret weapon at school: Obsidian.

Obsidian Will Revolutionize Your Notetaking -
It Changed Ours

We used to take notes in the same way as every other classmate, which made us Cookie Cutter Students.

As a result, we didn’t like school learning. There was no personality, no spunk, no pizzazz in our learning! In school, we were forced to do endless assignments, tests, essays, quizzes, and homework. We tried using Google Drive, Evernote, Notion. None of these apps helped us take notes and study in a way that helped us break from the Cookie Cutter Mindset.

Instead of learning for the sake of learning in itself, we learned to get the best grade on the test.

Because learning was so boring, we distracted ourselves through dopamine-filled activities like video games to escape from school life.

‍The real world tasted like plain broccoli, while games were serving us a delicious pizza.

That was until...

We found Obsidian.

‍Obsidian empowered us to craft a unique personal knowledge base that scales across semesters.

‍Unlike most other notetaking systems, Obsidian acted as a personalized Wikipedia. We could link notes to other notes.

For the first time, we could connect learnings from separate classes together and across semesters.

‍Suddenly, we could add our unique perspective to our notes.

‍Nothing was stopping us from connecting notes from psychology to those on biology. Notes from Computer Science to those on productivity.

Combine that with a thriving community, incredible customization, and local file storage, and Obsidian became our go to notetaking tool.

And so, binge-playing video games stopped being an issue.

Obsidian made our school and self-learning the most fun game imaginable.

Now, we both have 1000+ hours invested in learning how to take more effective notes and study. We want to help you learn in a fraction of the time it took us.

Are you ready to take the leap?

Enroll in Obsidian University

Benefits Of Taking Obsidian University

  • Get good grades in less time so you can focus on ACTUALLY enjoying college life and making memories
  • Save hundreds of hours of frustration creating your own Obsidian School vault and get one set up immediately
  • Understand and apply your class learnings in a way you never could with other note-taking apps like Notion, Evernote, Google Drive, etc.
  • Ingrain the best mindsets, methods, and tools for leveling up your notetaking and studying
  • Build a personalized knowledge base that scales across semesters 
  • Learn better remember more and become more creative
  • Fall back in love with school learning and studying
  • Join fellow passionate learners in our exclusive Obsidian University Discord

How do we know? Aside from our own personal experiences, we've also heard from those who finished the course and now use the vault on a daily basis.

Umar's Success Story: Transforming High School Learning with Obsidian University

If you want an in-depth example of Obsidian University's transformative power, meet Umar.

Umar is a Senior high school student interested in Islamic History and languages.

Before taking the course he:

  • Felt overwhelmed by how much time he spent note-taking and studying
  • Didn't know how to connect his class learnings
  • Struggled to remember what he had learned from semester to semester

But after taking Obsidian University, he has learned to:

  • Feel in control of his studies by implementing the active note-taking and studying techniques taught in the course
  • Compounding his knowledge across semesters by integrating the Collect, Connect, Create framework

You can learn more about his personal transformation in Aidan's podcast below:

But Umar is only one of many stories on how Obsidian University has revolutionized their relationship with learning.

Here's What Other Students Have To Say About Obsidian University:

What's Inside?

Obsidian University is a premade student vault filled with school templates, Obsidian plugins, and a self-paced course explaining how to use the various aspects of the vault as well as training you in the explains core concepts of personal knowledge management.

It’s the vault we wish we had when we started using Obsidian for school.

The course inside the vault comprises a preface and two main sections, each with modules that teaches students the mindsets and practices to use the vault to it's full potential:

Preface: Breaking Out Of The Cookie Cutter Student Mindset

In this section, we learn the mindsets and methods used to fall in love with school learning. You’ll learn:

  • How you can fall in love with learning again
  • Why you should learn the art of notetaking
  • Why Obsidian is the right tool to do this

Section 1 - Obsidian 101: A Beginners Guide To Supercharging Your Learning With Obsidian

Module: Learning Obsidian's Core Features

  • Understand the Obsidian note taking process and layout by learning it’s core features
  • Create your own personal Wikipedia with bi-directional links
  • Efficiently style and format your notes using Markdown
  • Write and navigate notes at the speed of thought using hotkeys
  • How to visually personalize your Obsidian workspace using themes

Module: Seven Obsidian Plugins To Explode Your Notetaking

  • Automatically search and organize your notes using the Dataview plugin
  • Save hours by automating note creation with the Templater plugin
  • Create different note types at lightning speed using the QuickAdd and Metadata Menu plugin
  • Navigate daily and weekly notes using the Calendar plugin
  • Easily turn your notes into flashcards using the Spaced Repetition plugin

Module: How To Easily Personalize Obsidian For School

  • Hierarchically organize everything you’re learning using course, unit, and lecture notes
  • Combine knowledge across classes and semesters to create a lifelong knowledge base using maps of content (MOC) and concept notes
  • Make your best creative work using assignment and essay notes
  • Reflect on your progress and plan for the future using the daily and weekly notes
  • Easily navigate throughout your vault using customizable home and school dashboards

Module: How To Get Better Grades While Studying Less In Obsidian

  • Implement elite studying principles like spaced repetition and active recall into your notes
  • Build mastery on all course material by using retrospective timetables for studying

Section 2 - The Three Step Process To Building A Unique Knowledgebase: Collect, Connect, Create

Module: Collect

  • How to navigate the overwhelming amount of information in school with a collect toolkit and your twelve favorite questions
  • Keep track of and create different note types for lectures, textbooks and required readings
  • Methods to finish your class readings much faster and with greater understanding
  • How to take unique, personal, lecture notes you can study with and connect between classes and semesters (even in STEM)

Module: Connect

  • Methods for growing your notes over time 
  • The four-step Map of Content (MOC) course creation process we use to maximize understanding of our college classes in Obsidian
  • How to connect and navigate your notes using Maps of Content (MOCs)

Module: Create

Get The Vault!

Ehh, I Don’t Feel This Course Is For Me

So you might be thinking, I like some of the aspects of the course, but I don’t feel it resonates with my specific needs.

You might fill into one of these categories:

  • You are an intermediate to advanced Obsidian user
  • You are in the STEM field
  • You are in high school
  • You are in graduate school
  • You don't have the financial means to do the course

If you are in any of these positions, then some of the aspects of the course and vault won’t apply to you. You might even want to consider exploring if there is another Obsidian course that hits on your specific problem.

‍But you can still get immense value from taking the course.

If you’re in STEM, you will be less likely to link notes between classes. But linking notes from semester to semester will still be important. Classes often build on each other. You’ll learn how in the course. You’ll learn also learn to use the PAS method of notetaking. And the BIG mistake most STEM students make while lecturing notetaking.

If you’re in high school, first off, WOW! What I would do to have started thinking about my notetaking back in high school. You might find some areas of the course difficult. But thinking about taking better notes while in high school will set you up for college.

If you’re in graduate school, the course will give value to help in research and writing for your thesis. 

If you don’t have the financial means to take the course, check out one of the free email courses linked below the video shown below (P.S. there’s a surprise at the end of the email courses😉). If you still can’t afford the course, check out the FAQ section below on how to fill out a scholarship form for the course.

Want a sneak peek of what's inside first?

If you want a sneak peek of the vault structure and templates, you can watch the following video overview:
If you want a sneak peek at the course learnings before buying the course, you can take our FREE email course: 3 Days to Lecture Notetaking Mastery in ObsidianThis email courses include lessons taken directly from Obsidian University.

By the end of this free email course you will join over 200+ others who:

  • Know how to get good grades in less time so you can ACTUALLY focus on other parts of college
  • Have a systemized process for notetaking and studying from your lectures
  • Understand how to compound your knowledge over semesters
  • Know how to link your learnings between classes
  • Were amazed they did it all in 3 days

Meet Your Course Creators

John Mavrick

With over 2 years of experience using Obsidian, John Mavrick has helped thousands of people use the app to its full potential through his videos, free templates, and digital products. In his first semester at university, he used the mindset, methods, and tools inside the course to work smarter, not harder, getting a 4.07 GPA and exploring different topics like education, cognitive science, math, and computer science, all while studying less than his peers. After getting two software development internships (one at a Global 500 company), he is a product manager for Linking Your Thinking, the leading movement for improving the way you take notes and think.

Aidan Helfant

Aidan Helfant has spent over 1000+ hours learning to effectively take notes and study. He’s a YouTuber, Blogger, and Podcaster who makes content on Personal Knowledge Management, gamification, and book summaries. 

In high school, he didn't enjoy learning and was addicted to video games. Now he's using the mindset, methods, and tools talked about in this course to reignite his childhood curiosity and love for learning at Cornell University. He's exploring the topics of Social Psychology, Statistics, Behavioral Psychology, and Cognitive Psychology while studying less than his peers. 

So, Are You Ready To Join The Next Era Of Students?

Will you join the next era of student learners or remain a cookie cutter student?  

As AI systems get better and better and more and more tasks get automated, your unique perspective as a human being is becoming more and more important. Your hobbies, skills, abilities, relationships, and so much more combine to form something no other human being has.

But traditional schooling is still built on an industrial-era model. It's trying to make you into the perfect factory worker, sucking away your unique perspective and draining your passion for school.

‍Let's change that.

You know the value of this course in:

✅ Obsidian University Obsidian Vault (valued at $75)
✅ 12+ templates with example uses (valued at $75)
✅ 8 interactive modules to supercharge your Obsidian mastery and studying (valued at $200)
✅ Priority support via email and Discord group (potential like-minded friends is priceless!)

And let's not forget all the BONUS content:

✅ BONUS Effective Reading Guide: Minicourse on how to effectively take notes on a book like textbooks or confusing class readings

✅ BONUS ChatGPT Accelerator: Achieve more while doing less with 15 ChatGPT Prompts

✅ BONUS Flashcard Masterclass: Minilesson on how to memorize with flashcards without wasting hours of time

✅ BONUS Obsidian Beginner Resource List: The resource list we wish we had 3 years ago to save hours of time learning Obsidian

$350 worth of content + bonuses, all yours for $99!

What Happens If You Don’t Change With The New Student Era?

Look, it’s completely up to you whether you get the vault or not.

The thing we care about most is not that you get our specific vault, but that you realize a new age of student learning is coming.

An age where your unique perspective and skillset matters more than your rote knowledge.

This course is meant to help you change alongside it, to surf the wave of this new era instead of getting left in its wake.

Based on our experience, if you don’t change, you’ll:

  • Remain bored by your student learning.
  • Fall behind all the other students building a unique knowledge base and skill set.
  • Lose out on the relationships you’ll build in our student community.

Don’t be the student that doesn’t change with the times.

Save yourself hundreds of hours of frustration by building a unique, personal, knowledge base that scales across semesters with our premade vault in Obsidian.

Fall back in love with learning by creating a systemized process for notetaking and studying alongside a group of other driven students entering the new era.

Don’t remain stuck in the past.

P.S. If you've made it this far and are still not convinced, you can see a sneak peek inside the contents of the vault:

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To guarantee buying this course gives you the value we know it will, we promise a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you request your money back in the first 30 days of buying the course, you will get a full refund.

The only thing we request is that you genuinely give the course your best effort before deciding it’s not for you.


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What if I run into issues or have questions about the vault?
What if I can't afford the course?

If you've somehow managed to read this far, we hope to see you join us in the community Discord for the new age of student learning :)